Meet Our Staff

Trisha D. Mann, PhD, NCSP

Clinical Psychologist

 (309) 661-8046

Dr. Mann is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Nationally Certified School Psychologist. She received her doctoral training at Illinois State University and completed her doctoral internship at Northwest Suburban Special Education Association. Prior to joining the ABLE Center, Dr. Mann worked as a psychologist in programs for early childhood, autism spectrum disorders, and special education in large and rural school districts in central Illinois.

Dr. Mann specializes in conducting thorough psychological and psychoeducational assessments of and recommending interventions for youth with various neurodevelopmental difficulties including developmental delay, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disability (LD), social-emotional challenges, mood and anxiety symptoms, and behavioral problems. Dr. Mann uses an individual approach to treatment, considering the needs of the child and the family system. Treatment approaches include evidence-based best practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior therapy, psychoeducation and biofeedback, brief solution-focused therapy, and mindfulness.

Dr. Mann’s goal is to understand each child’s strengths and areas to improve to help support children and adolescents reach their potential across development. Dr. Mann works with the home and school systems to help ensure that children and adolescents receive appropriate programming and supports to increase their success in both environments. Dr. Mann offers consultation services, training, and workshop presentations for students, parents, and schools.

In addition to Dr. Mann’s years of experience as a psychologist, she has published research articles, chapters, and presented at national conferences on her expertise in child development and executive function.

Dr. Mann is accepting new patients!  To schedule an appointment with Dr. Mann, please call 309-661-8046 or email