Meet Our Team

Allison Imig Bishop, M.S.

Special Education Consultant & Licensed Teacher

 (309) 661-8046

Welcome Allison (Dr. Huffman's sister)!


Allison received her LBS I from Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois in December 2001.  She then received her master’s degree in LBS II: Behavior Intervention from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2010.  


Allison has a passion for special education students and their families and prides herself in being an advocate throughout the sometimes daunting IEP process.  She gets it and can be your guide. She has a strong knowledge base of the laws and regulations pertaining to IEPs as well as writing IEPs based on testing results, teacher information, observations, and rating scales.  It is her goal to make sure each student with an IEP has exactly that: an individualized education plan that will meet them where there current needs are and help guide them to where they need to be.  


Allison is the Special Education Coordinator at the READY Program in Champaign, Illinois. The READY Program is a Regional Safe School through the Regional Office of Education #9.  She has been a special education teacher at the program for 20 years and served as the Special Education Coordinator of the program for 12 years.  


What are Special Education/IEP Consulting Services?


IEP Consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • Phone and email consultation to discuss questions and/or concerns with current IEP

  • Explanation of paperwork and IEP “jargon” and acronyms

  • Review of your child’s IEP and reports as to determine possible services and/or focus area to maximize your child’s progress

  • Empowerment of parent(s) to be your own advocate for your child

  • Attend the IEP meetings with you as your IEP advocate

  • Follow up to ensure all your concerns are adequately addressed in the paperwork.  


Different Level of Services/Prices (Depending on your child or family needs) :

  1. IEP Overview:  Review of current IEP information with suggestions based on most recent information as well as any testing.  (3 hours, $240.00)
  2. IEP Overview and Consultation:  Review of current IEP information with follow up consultation (via zoom or in person).  ($320.00, total of 4 hours)
  3. Attend IEP meeting as an advocate ($100 per meeting)
  4. Monthly follow up with parents and/or school staff (1 hour, $80)


Allison is accepting new clients today!

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