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Why See a Child Neuropsychologist?


Children, having delicate, developing brains, may have behavioral problems that need to be addressed by a child neuropsychologist in Bloomington. Because the rules of the adult brain-behavior relationship do not always apply to children, child neuropsychology is needed to address behavioral problems in children. Developing brains need a model to provide critical clinical context, which in turn allows child neurologists in Bloomington to tackle issues specific to children. When it comes to the good mental health of children, a child neurologist can correctly assess and intervene in the problem to provide comfort and good mental health.


A child neuropsychologist is also known as a pediatric psychologist. Pediatric neuropsychological methods are distinct, which is why child neuropsychologists require higher levels of training and education to specialize in the field. Most child neuropsychologists have spent several years in post-doctoral training regarding developmental or acquired neuropathology in children. Child neuropsychologists work in any setting, including neurological, neurosurgical, and psychiatric practices, where children with central nervous system dysfunction are treated. Child neuropsychologists assess and treat children with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, or traumatic brain injury.


Finding a Reliable Child Neuropsychologists


A reliable child neuropsychologist in Bloomington is someone who conducts all the necessary assessments to come up with an accurate finding. A clinical interview is conducted by a child neuropsychologist to observe the responses and behavior of a child. In addition to this step, interviews with parents and close relatives can help in determining the proper intervention methods. Reviewing the medical history and relevant school records of a child can also help child neuropsychologists identify the problem. In this way, a thorough examination ensures that an accurate treatment or intervention method is provided.


The Able Center has an expert child neuropsychologist in Bloomington. We administer standardized tests to measure brain functions such as attention, memory, language, behavioral and emotional functions, motor skills, and other functions. Parents count on us to provide pertinent diagnoses and guiding interventions that will help their child feel better. We also explain to parents how some conditions can be attributed to genetics, socio-environmental conditions, and family atmosphere. In this way, we teach parents about their child’s behavior so that difficulties can be alleviated.


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The Able Center recognizes the delicacy of the subject of child neuropsychology. At the end of the day, all we want is for your children to have better lives. With this goal, we continue to advance our learning when it comes to child neuropsychology so that we can apply the best methods for our patients. Common referrals to our clinic include developmental neurological conditions, autism spectrum disorder, Tourette's, traumatic brain injury, verbal learning disability, non-verbal learning disability, pediatric depression, and bipolar disorder. To us, the well-being of your child comes first.


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