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Evaluating Concussions & Treatment Options


Concussion treatment is needed when a person's head experiences a violent blow, which causes the brain to hit the skull. In simple terms, a concussion is a brain injury sustained by a blow either to the head or to the body, resulting in traumatic forces being applied to the brain. Often called mild traumatic brain injury, concussions may result from a fall in which the head strikes against an object or from a fast-moving object striking the head.


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Treating Concussions in Bloomington IL


Treatment for those with a concussion in Bloomington IL depends on the severity of the impact and the symptoms shown. Surgery or other medical procedures may be required if bleeding, swelling, or a serious injury is found in the brain. However, treatment for most concussions involves time. The exit of potassium peaks approximately two minutes after the incident but continues for another three to four minutes. Until the chemical balance is somewhat restored, the nerve cells are unable to work, which may lead to a bad headache, changes in alertness, or loss of consciousness.


The Able Center has helped many who have needed concussion treatment in Bloomington IL. Before we apply any treatment, we always conduct a thorough physical exam where we check the patient’s central nervous system. Changes may be seen in the patient’s pupil size, thinking ability, coordination, and reflexes, and head CT scans or MRIs may be required. For some mild head injuries, no treatment may be needed. However, the symptoms of a head injury can show up later. Therefore, as your health care providers, we will explain expectations, manage headaches, treat other symptoms, and provide a form of therapy that is prescribed according to the severity of the concussion.


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Effective Concussion Treatment


The Able Center can provide effective concussion treatment. We can also help you with any of the following:



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Concussion Treatment by Professionals


The professionals at the Able Center provide concussion treatment in Bloomington. Our team is composed of experts who can effectively relieve the trauma after a concussion. Among them are a licensed child psychologist and trained child neuropsychologist who has helped numerous patients with traumatic brain injury. Aside from concussion treatment in Bloomington, autism, learning disabilities, and childhood neurological conditions are also studied and treated in our center. You and your family can have the life you want when you have professionals at your side to help you gain mental wellness. Allow us to guide you today.


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