Assessment Services

Neurodevelopmental/Neurodivergent Evaluations Across the Lifespan

Dr. Huffman has broad and extensive training in autism spectrum disorders and related neurodevelopmental conditions.

She provides consultation and services for children with high functioning autism and/or Asperger’s Disorder, children and adolescents with complex nonverbal learning disabilities, and adolescent and adult individuals with autism spectrum disorders.


Children with known or suspected autism, even those children whose initial autism screens were inconclusive or negative early in development, are appropriate for evaluation. These children frequently have comorbid or separate conditions such as Tourette’s, dyslexia, nonverbal learning disabilities, obsessive-compulsive disorder, childhood depression, mood disorders, auditory processing disorders, and/or sleep disorders, which can mimic autism spectrum symptoms and negatively impact a child’s development if not properly treated.


Services provided through this clinic include, but are not limited to:  Neurodevelopmental diagnostics, neuropsychological evaluation, referral to medical, specialty allied health providers, and/or specialty community resources within the individual’s community, problem-solving and training for parents and teachers, cognitive-behavioral, sensory-based, and play therapy for the child (clinic-based), and educational planning and problem-solving.


This evaluation consists of a diagnostic interview with the parent and teacher (if requested), diagnostic play and interview with the child, administration of a diagnostic battery to evaluate common neurodevelopmental conditions using the gold standard in assessment for autism, ADHD, and tic disorders, a neurocognitive assessment, and consultation with the team.