About The Able Center


Neuropsychology Center for Attention, Behavior & Learning, LLC 

The ABLE Center, (A)tention, (B)ehavior, (LE)arning, DBA


Founded in 2011 by Dr. Jennifer Imig Huffman.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Board Certified Pediatric Neuropsychologist.

We specialize in the following services:


Comprehensive pediatric and adult neuropsychological evaluations


Neurodevelopmental evaluations across the lifespan


Learning disability/psychoeducational evaluations across the lifespan


Individual, parent and/or school consultation to help indentify strengths and problem solve obstacles for individuals with neurodivergent profiles


Our goal is helping neurodivergent individuals, of all ages, identify their strengths and overcome their obstacles.


Autism, with a speciality in Autistic Females 

Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)

Tourette's Syndrome and Tic Disorders

Complex ADHD/Executive Functioning  

Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion


Sensory Processing 


Complex Trauma 

Learning Disabilities



Written Expression/Dysgraphia

Nonverbal Learning Disability

Gifted Learners

Twice Exceptional (2e) Profiles

Academic/Occupational Recommendations for IEP, Section 504 accommodations, ADA



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